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Annual conference suspended until 2013

For five years, Blizzard has held an annual conference celebrating the achievements of the company and highlighting releases for Diablo, World of Warcraft and Starcraft.

Held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim CA, attendees were awed by announcements of future releases, a gallery of the history of Blizzard, live events, and famous performers. Last year's conference featured the Foo Fighters and revealed the Mists of Pandria expansion for World of Warcraft.

Wednesday, Blizzard posted on the BlizzCon Official Site that there will be no BlizzCon in 2012.

Bashiok confirms

Bashiok confirmed the reports with his own personal statement on the World of Warcraft Community Forums:

"Yeah it's a bit disappointing because we all really do enjoy being able to 'open the doors' so to speak. But, it is an enormous effort by all employees, including our game designers and artists, not to mention customer support and quality assurance, PR, our business departments, and hot breath on fingernails & shirt rub Community & eSports to make a BlizzCon happen. In a year when we're working to release multiple titles (knock on wood) it makes sense to focus our efforts. Also with multiple game releases we just wonder if we'd be at a point with any of them where we'd have anything really big or new or cool to talk about.

We didn't have a BlizzCon in 2006 either, and at that time we were really strong on the idea that BlizzCon isn't really supposed to be and doesn't have to be an annual event. Of course then we have it for five straight years in a row... which obviously built some expectation.

Personally I always enjoy seeing the excitement, the rushing crowds, hearing the clicking of mice on the demo stations, and waiting in agony as the seconds countdown to an announcement and then the waves of emotion from the crowd that follow it. But thinking about our year and what we're trying to get done already without a BlizzCon, and having to think pretty hard about what we'd have to announce or demo, it just makes sense to me not to have one.

Here's to the Battle.net World Championship, it's going to be awesome, and to a bigger and better BlizzCon in 2013."