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A new version of Magelo Sync, compatible with Java 7, is now available.

The next time you will open Magelo Sync, it will automatically update.

If you have a previous version of Java installed on your computer, you need to update it in order to use Magelo Sync.

> First you need to remove previous Java installed on your computer.
In Control Panel for Windows, go to Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features for Vista), scroll down to find and remove older versions of it.

> Then, you need to install Java 7.
Click here and download Java 7. If you have Windows 64-bit, then select Java 64-bit otherwise select Java 32-bit. Java is updated after the installation process is completed.

64 bits game clients are still not supported even if this update is a step forward.
If you have any question, don't hesitate to post a comment in the Forum.