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Hello everyone,

We wanted to give you an update on our progress to support MOP and the first patch Landfall.
The Armory import and Magelo Sync should work again in the next few weeks. We target end of January / beginning of February. We will keep you updated.

We decided to compensate right now all our WoW Premium users with extra time on their subscriptions for the long wait. We usually wait we patch the website to calculate exactly the time we need to grant, but you have been waiting way too long. We were down since Patch 5.0.4 applied at the end of August, so we just granted 5 months to all of our WoW Premium users. Of course, we will add again more extra time to all our WoW Premium users depending on when the website will be patched.

Thank you again for your patience.

Update (Feb 24): Magelo Sync and the Armory Import have been updated! You can update your characters again.